Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Here and Absent

The photo above explains why the gym wasn't open yesterday.  It was Election Day, and despite promises to the contrary, my space was used once again for voting purposes.  Yet, I didn't have too many problems in the gym.  That is, if you don't count one of the election judges playing around on one of the speed bags, or a toddler I caught rolling around in the ring, or the fact that the boxing equipment room door was left open by one of the attendants -- again.

I had time to complete the attendance records for the winter session that recently ended.  I was marking "absent" more times than I was marking "attended" for most of the participants.  There were several days in a row when no one showed up to the gym.  I also noticed that Janae and Tyler never signed up for the class.
Janae's dad told me he registered his daughter again, so I was confused as to why her name didn't appear on the computer system.

As for Tyler, I remember reminding him several times to have his parents/guardians sign him up.  I don't get why the youths who beg to be in the gym simply can't open their mouths and ask whomever is responsible for raising them to sign them up.  Honestly, I'm tired of constantly explaining to most that the park district can't allow liability and legal issues to arise because people were not officially signed up to participate in the boxing program.  Tyler has been showing because his buddies Xavier and Terence are there, but I'll let him know since his buddies are signed up, Tyler has to follow suit.

A grandmother came in to speak to me about putting one of her grandchildren in the program.  Turns out her grandchild was too young to be in the program.  "Are there any other activities here they can sign up for?" she asked.  We were in the computer room that is tucked back behind the front counter.  That means she passed through the front area where there is a table and a huge bulletin board loaded with information about what classes and activities are at that park.  It was impossible not to notice the table and the bulletin board.  I directed her back out front to get that information so I could get back to putting in my attendance numbers.  That's another problem -- people not noticing things and not reading the literature.

Another person came in to sign up her kid, but the current numbers for the spring session still aren't satisfactory to me.  I would prefer to have most signed up before the session starts.  It throws me off when people sign up in the middle of a session.  It's irritating too, because most of the time, they knew the session had already started.  There's too much of this waiting around to register and then assuming there will be room.

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