Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What Ice Cube Said In That Song

I fixed the snafu involving one of the kids who did not appear on my attendance sheet.  Another staff member, I don't know who, filled out a paper form when the parent came in and did not transfer the information to the computer system.  I had already told the parent that their child was welcome to continue in the class regardless, but luckily, we both found out that they were actually registered.

It was another busy day with eight of the thirteen kids who are in the eight-to-twelve year olds' class.  Another new kid, Jaydon, came in.  "I want to spar with Terry on Friday.  We go to the same school, and we're both in third grade,"  he told me.  Terry is a little skinny guy.  Jaydon is heavy-set.  I will have to monitor that sparring session very, very carefully.

Michael was playing around a little too much, consistently teasing Deja.  Deja asked me, "Can I spar with Michael on Friday?"  "Yes!" I answered enthusiastically.

I had all of the kids working on footwork.  I put the cones on the floor, and one of the boys commented, "This is the same thing we do when we play football!" The kids really seemed to like skipping and jumping over the cones, so I'll find time for them to do that in each class.

None of the teens came in, so I had some time to do some paperwork.  Jesse signed up for the adult class today and came back in with his dad.  Jesse's dad used to box, so he was also giving tips to his son.  A young woman, Yami, came in, and at first I thought she just wanted to ask questions about the class. Actually, she also had signed up.  That brings the grand total of the adults in the class to seven, the largest amount of adults I've had since that class was added.   Both Jesse and Yami are eighteen years old.  Jesse's nine year old brother, Rafael, came in to watch.

Today was a good day, because a lot was accomplished.  I'd like to keep that momentum going.

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