Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Return of Janae

I thought it was going to be a long, quiet day in the gym.  But Deja and Terry showed up for the kids' class.  I thought it was amusing that Deja was undoing her hair.  She wears braids, and she wanted to wash her hair and have them redone.  Every few minutes, I saw her taking another braid out.

She and Terry sparred.  Terry is getting a little better each time.  I have to keep reminding him to take off his glasses before sparring, however.  Deja and Terry have to learn to take advantage of their opportunities and not wait on the other person to punch first.

Janae, who hasn't been in the program for a couple of sessions returned for the teen class, and she brought her brother, Montrell, with her.  Montrell was very eager to learn, and he sparred with his older sister.  I usually don't like letting people spar their first day in the gym, but I figured Montrell wasn't going to hurt her badly, and he didn't.  But Janae remembered the lessons she had the last time.  She clocked her brother solidly a coupled of times.

No adults came in, but it looks like the adult class has been given a green light to continue to run for the spring session.   A good amount of participants in the class during this session was enough to try it again for the spring.

Luckily, I found out that two of the heavy bags in the storage room did come with chains attached.  I'll ask one of the attendants to help me hang it up next week, then there will be five heavy bags up, plus the three speed bags that are already hanging.  Now I need some heavy rope so I can hang up the double end bag, and I should have enough equipment for people to work with for awhile.

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