Monday, January 11, 2016

I'm A Six-Day Gal

I was surprised to see snow coming down when I left my apartment for the gym. All day long, I stayed inside, throwing out old clothes and books.  Neither the radio nor the television was on, so I didn't hear the weather reports.  The snow did not keep most people away from Loyola Park, however.

Leon sparred with Robert.  "Leon could head hunt all day with no problem," I thought as I watched them.  Leon is taller and bigger than anyone else.  Alan warned Leon to keep his punches above the belt when a few of the punches came in too low.  Robert stayed in for the three rounds, but he was struggling.  "That is tiring!" Robert said afterwards.

David sparred with another new guy in the gym, and moved around well.  Alan commented, "For someone who hasn't boxed in about seven years, he has good hands."

I sparred with both Kathy and Kira.  The two women presented two different challenges to me -- getting around Kathy's long arms, and avoiding Kira's heavy hands.  Kathy was moving fast around the ring, so I had hustle my bones to keep up with her.  Kira is heavier (not fat, however) than both Kathy and I.  Alan initially didn't want to put me in with her because of my movement limitations.  Like Kathy, he advised me not to trade punches with her.  So I took my time, and came in under her straight punches to attack her middle.

I also spent time involved me helping people use the equipment.  I work five days at LaFollette, but I also help out at Loyola Park when I'm there, so in reality, I coach six days a week.  But I enjoy it so much.  I could be in a gym seven days a week, but everybody needs a Sabbath day of rest.

In other news, I was very pleased last night to see Sylvester Stallone win a Golden Globe for his acting in the movie Creed.  He received a standing ovation when he got up to get the award.  "My imaginary friend, Rocky Balboa, is the best friend I've ever had," Stallone said.  A lot of real life boxers view the Rocky character as a boxing icon, and give Stallone respect as if he was a real boxing champ.  Stallone was good in that movie.  He deserved the honor.

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