Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Blessing of Equipment

The above is a picture of myself and a group of fellow alumni who attended the 40th anniversary of the high school from where I graduated.  One of my buddies, Donna, who attended that event came by with her husband to drop off some boxing equipment.  I received a portable stand that holds a heavy bag and a speed bag, several bag gloves, and a leather jump rope.  I appreciated all of the equipment.  The kids and adults especially loved the speed bag.

I pulled an Alan move and talked Alexis, who is in the adult class, into some sparring.  We went very light.  However, Alexis does have power behind her punches.  If we were going hard, I would have had to seriously watch out.

Alexis just wants to learn boxing for self-defense, so I have to take a different approach to coaching her.  I also have to modify my coaching style for De-Fetrick, who basically comes into the adult class and does his own thing.  He wants to compete, so I'm trying to get him ready for the Simons Park show.

Of course, I'm baffled by how to approach coaching with some.  For example, Desmond was sparring with Eric today.  No matter how many times I kept telling Desmond to punch back, he would not.  Eric cracked Desmond all about his head and in his sides.  Against my better judgement, I let them do a second round.  By the end of that one, Desmond was in the blue corner crying and trying to hide it.  When I took his gloves off, I said, "We have to work on your response."

Sometimes I get the impression that some think being a boxing coach is easy.  It's not, but it's satisfying work.  I also have to think about how to help the fighters get better.

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