Thursday, July 23, 2015

No Apology and No Understanding

There's a moment in the movie Bye Bye Birdie where Paul Lynde (the guy in the above photo) sings a song called "Kids".  It is a father's complaint about kids in general.  I felt like that today when Shanita and Julius dropped in, along with a woman who was either a friend or relative of theirs.

"The other fighter, as well as that fighter's coach were not happy when you didn't show up to fight at the show," I told Julius.  I got no apology.  Not even a "Hey, coach", or even "Shut up, Hillari".  Just a dumb look.  Shanita started going on about how she had a basketball game coming up, and how she still thinks she has boxing skills.

The woman they came in with asked if she could get into the ring with Shanita.  I explained that since she was not signed up, she could not use the equipment nor spar.  "It's an safety issue, and I don't want my boss mad at me," I told her.  Moments later, as if I had said nothing at all, the chick asks me could she hit the uppercut bag.  "I'm an employee, and I have to follow rules.  Sign up if you are interested in the class," I said, trying to keep the annoyance out of my tone.  What in the hell did she not understand about what I told her earlier?  Thankfully, all three left the gym after that.

Otherwise, it was another slow day at the gym.  Thank goodness the ring did get some use by Mike and his kickboxing class.  I have a nice, roomy gym space, yet the ones who are supposed to be using it don't bother to show up regularly. Today was a sparring day, too, and week after next, we're supposed to be going to Seward Park for another boxing show.  Shaking my head. . . . . .

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