Monday, July 06, 2015

Another Loyola Monday

It didn't seem that Melinda was believing Alan, but he was being sincere.  Those two sparred again at Loyola Park, with me outside the ring coaching Melinda.  He told her that she really hits hard, and that she could win at Park District boxing shows, and at the Golden Gloves.  Melinda is nervous about taking a fight.

Alan really wants to get fights for Geniece, too, but it's hard all over for women in boxing.  He believes the two of them would do extremely well in bouts.  He told Melinda, "Sometimes, I had to turn down fights for Hillari because the other person was too tall."

I sparred with Annie and Anna.  Annie's just starting out, so I went light.  However, I did force her back into the corners and ropes periodically.  Anna was moving around a lot, so I couldn't get a lot of hits in.  She pushed me down once, and I fell like a tree.  But I wasn't hurt, and the action went on.

Alicia was at the gym, and she looked good due to some more weight loss.  I admire her determination to get her weight down.  I've changed a lot of my eating habits, and I've been exercising more, but it's still a struggle for me.  Sometimes I wonder if I am actually supposed to be chubby, and if so, should I give up trying to tone down.

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