Friday, April 10, 2015

Where Is My Star?

DS, Ky, and KB decided to show up to the gym after being missing for a few weeks.  DS kept wanting to spar, but DS had a cracked thumb due to a basketball injury.  "I'm not going to let you spar with your thumb like that," I told DS.  "But I don't even feel it," he said, after putting on a pair of sparring gloves.  "I'm not going to keep arguing with you about it, DS.  A hand injury is a hand injury!" I snapped.  His aunt came to the gym, and she backed me up.  "The doctor told DS to wait three weeks," she said.

Angel finally signed up again, but there has been no sign of Marine and his brother Curly.  Angel showed up to the gym the other day with a male friend, and I wondered if her new friend is why Marine hasn't been around.

I guess I can do a happy, happy, joy, joy dance.  Tough, Talky, and T1 moved out of the neighborhood this week.  It appears they won't be back.

DJ, the only person I had in the Chicago City-Wide Boxing Tournament, continues to be a no show.  The tournament began a couple of days ago, and I believe it's already over.  Some new kids have joined the gym, so that softens the blow a little.  Yet I'm concerned that there won't be a breakout "star" emerging once the park district boxing shows begin.  Every park that has a boxing gym seems to have a least one.  Back in the day, Montrell was the star at Loyola Park.  Ed B. was the star at Garfield Park.

However, the problem at LaFollette Park continues to be kids who are in love with idea of fighting, but who don't want to take it seriously enough to learn how to do it right.  I keep having visions of all of the kids who might participate in our boxing show in July losing all of their matches.  I hope that scenario doesn't come true.

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