Monday, April 13, 2015

Sparring Time at Loyola Park

I decided to visit Loyola Park, and it was packed with new people.  The only old faces there were John, Jesus, Jason, and Genience.  I didn't get to hit any of the equipment, but I got a lot of shadow boxing in.

Alan asked me if I wanted to spar.  I was game, despite of the fact I didn't have a mouth guard with me.  I ended up sparring with two new women to the gym.  The two rounds with the first woman went fine.  She got some good hits in on me; I was going light.  The second round with the second woman ended abruptly when her right shoulder wouldn't stop hurting.  Upon a closer look, it appeared that her shoulder had moved out of its socket.  "This has never happened to me before," she told Alan.  Alan strongly suggested that she see a doctor as soon as possible.

Then I got inside the ring with Genience.  She hadn't been in the gym in awhile according to Alan.  She hadn't lost any of her form or power, however.  I took many knocks to my head and jaw.  Luckily, we only went one round.  I had become worn out.

Now that the weather is becoming warmer, I'm going to show up at Loyola Park more often.  I'll be able to get in a workout, something that I don't always get to do at LaFollette Park these days.  Plus, it's always nice to go back to the home park.

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