Sunday, February 22, 2015

Getting Close To Being Ready

None of the kids showed up, as I suspected they would not.  Luckily, LaFollette Park has a fitness center, so I got in a workout for part of the time I was on the job.  I would like to incorporate weights more into the boxing routine. Unfortunately, just like most everything else that goes on in the boxing gym, most of the kids don't take that seriously, either.  The kids play around with the few weights that are available in the gym.  Plus, the youths aren't allowed in the fitness center or the weight room in the field house.

I'm going to lose another day in the gym due to the mayoral and alderman elections that take place this week.  But the walls of the gym have been painted, and I was told the floor has been waxed (no one was allowed in the gym once that was done, so I haven't seen the results yet).  By mid-week, the program should be up and running again.

I finally had a stipulation put on the online registration pages that the parents of the kids who are 12 years of age and under must talk to me before signing up their kids for boxing.  In addition to me wanting to create relationships with the parents, I want to cut down on dealing with kids who are signed up for my class and another activity at the same time, and kids who really don't want to be in boxing.   It will also help squash some discipline problems, too.  Some kids will be less likely to show out if I'm on a friendly basis with mama and daddy (or their guardian).

An extra piece of good news is that there will be an adult boxing class starting in the summer.  It'll be a challenge to recruit people, however.  No one really wants to be inside when it's nice outside because the warm season doesn't last long in Chicago.  My marketing approach will have to focus more on boxing being a way of getting in shape as opposed to training for competitions when it comes to the adults.  

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