Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday The 13th Luck

No sign of Tough or Talky, which was a blessing.  I was not in the mood for Tough's whining nor for either girl's constant pestering me about this and that.  Marine showed up carrying a red rose and the largest teddy bear I'd seen in a long time.  We went into the fitness center, and Marine covered up everything with his coat.  A few moments later, Angel came in with her seven year old sister.  Her sister takes gymnastic class.  Angel went back out for a few minutes, then Marine got her gifts and waited patiently for her to return.

Personally, I stopped celebrating Valentine's Day many moons ago.  A couple of bad boyfriends and cynicism about romance in general will do that to a person.  But I thought the scene between Angel and Marine was cute; she was truly surprised when she walked back into the fitness center.

I received a call from Marty, who is the coach at Simons Park.  I invited him and his fighters to come over for some sparring.  Of course, this will have to take place after the gym is finally painted. Election Day has to pass by, too: the gym will be shut down for people to use the space to vote for a new mayor and new aldermen.

In the meantime, I keep reading up on boxing techniques that I want to show the youths once the gym is up and running again.  Several kids keep asking me about the status of the gym.  One who was never signed up for the program to begin with tried to tell me that he was.  "There's no signing up once and being in boxing for the entire year," I explained.  "Everyone has to sign up each session."  As I suspected, too many kids have the idea I'm running an open gym.   I'm already bracing myself for all the whining, complaints, and con games the kids who refuse to sign up are going to come to me with when the gym reopens.  But they'll either follow rules -- or get out.

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