Monday, February 09, 2015

Back At The Home Park

John and Vachel face off against each other during sparring in the above photo.  I visited Loyola Park to see Alan and everyone, as well as to get a workout in.  Igor was there too.  "Back from vacation?" he asked.  "No vacation," I replied.  Apparently, the man doesn't know I coach at LaFollette Park.  I didn't bother to explain it to him.

Outside of John and Vachel, the only other familiar face was Alicia.  She told me she didn't attend the fall session, but had come back for the winter session.  She's lost more weight, and she looks good.

I could have gotten some sparring in with Vachel, but I had left my mouth piece at home.  In between working out, I watched the sparring sessions.  Alan's got some good people in the gym.  A couple of guys have very fast hands and are aggressive in the ring.

I overheard one guy, Nathan, tell Alan he had to get permission from his wife to spar.  Basically, he explained to me that his wife didn't want him getting hurt, nor did she want to deal with any surprises.

Alan told me he currently doesn't have anyone looking to compete in the Chicago Golden Gloves.  Now I don't feel so bad since I don't have any contenders for the Gloves, either.  My biggest concern right now is the painting job going on in LaFollette's boxing gym.  Some of the youths have disappeared because that gym has been unusable for the past couple of weeks.  Hopefully, this will be the last week the youths and I will be inconvenienced.

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