Friday, January 09, 2015

So Far, So Good

The winter session has begun, and most of the kids who were showing up during the fall have disappeared.  I gave Princess' mom a new registration form to fill out.  However, I haven't seen hide nor hair of Princess since that time.  It could be due to the weather -- Chicago is currently in the midst of a deep freeze.  It could also be that Princess has convinced her parents that boxing is not her cup of tea.  Wishful thinking. . . .

Another kid, eight year old Li'l T, has shown the potential of being another version of Princess.  I haven't seen him since his mom signed him up, either.  I have four kids, two in the 12 and under class, and two in the 13 to 17 year old class.  Li'l T was being disruptive when they all were there (I allowed the teens to come in early due to the frigid weather).  Recently, only 11 year old Curly, his 14 year old brother Marine, and 15 year old Angel have been showing up with regularity.

I like the three that have been going to the class.  Angel is in the class because her dad wants her to know how to defend herself.  But unlike Princess, Angel actually wants to be in the gym.  She's developed a quick friendship with both Curly and Marine.  They all have their moments when they don't want to train, but it doesn't last long.  I walk around to check their form and to give suggestions and tips.  I also do a bit of a workout alongside them, something I wasn't able to do with the crowds that were there during the fall session.  I think it's a good idea for the students to see the coach exercising too, even if I can't move all the ways I used to be able to do.

Marine seemed interested in competing in the park district boxing shows that are coming up in about six months from now.  Angel and Curly aren't so sure.  All of them are too young for the Chicago Golden Gloves.  Looks like I won't have anyone competing in that this year.  Well, at least I renewed my boxing license so I can help out at that tournament if needed.

There was a peace in the gym that had not been there last session.  Partially that is because I have a small group of kids.  Only ten students are allowed now in both of the classes I have.  That is a blessing because that gives me a little more control in keeping order.  All I have to worry about is keeping out the kids who just want to hang out and get a freebie, but who don't want to sign up.  Also, I have a group of kids who are actually interested in the sport.  That helps out in a big way.

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