Friday, January 16, 2015

No It's Not An Open Gym

I like that I now know how many people are supposed to be in the boxing classes I coach.  The 12 years and under class is nearly full.  Unfortunately, there are only two teens in the later class, Marine and Angel.  Those two keep showing up in the 12 years and under class.  When it was bone cold outside, it was okay, because I was concerned about them being out late in that weather.  But now that the weather has let up a little, Marine and Angel still haven't switched over to the later class.

Also, they don't train enough.  Marine will get on the punch mitts when I ask him.  But Angel spends a lot of time teasing Marine and his brother Curly.  In addition, Tough has taken to picking on Little J, the youngest in the class, and Curly.  I don't know what that is about.  I do know that it doesn't take much for the chasing, rough-housing, and name-calling to turn serious.  Then I end up having to break up another fight.

The other teens around La Follette Park continue to be fickle.  Cash and Money haven't returned with their registration forms, and neither have the others to whom I have given forms.  There seems to be no rush on many of the youths' part to make a commitment.  Instead, most of the youths pop up at the gym only when the mood hits them, treating the program like it's an open gym.  It's a bit irritating to me to see most of them show up faithfully to the other sports activities.  It's just as irritating to hear some of the excuses given for not making it to the boxing class.  "Show up two days a week to get the benefits of the workout," I often tell the youths, but I can't get that either.

Steve, the field house supervisor, told me "It's Christmas for you," the other day.  That meant that I can order equipment.  Maybe the appearance of more equipment will prompt more youths to come in the gym and stay with the program.  It will certainly help me with keeping them busy and interested.

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