Saturday, September 20, 2014

The First Student

The photo above is of Sean preparing top raise the hand of the winner of a fight at the 2014 Loyola Park Boxing Explosion Show yesterday.

I was hanging out in the gym at LaFollette, putting more pictures up on the bulletin board.  A man came in with his son.  My first student!  Both his father and I spent time patiently showing the kid how to stand and throw left jabs.  They didn't stay but for about 20 minutes or so.  But they promised to return.  The dad is a former Marine who had done boxing and martial arts.  "I want my son to get into the sport, but I don't think I can teach him well," the dad said.  The dad is also interested in volunteering in the gym, and I welcome the help.

This is the first bulletin board I put together.

This is the second bulletin board.

A co-worker, Dwayne, gave me a good list of schools near the gym.  I can't wait to get the boxing flyers so I can distribute them.  A couple of the schools on the list were two that I attended when I was a kid.

I learned that Columbus Park used to have a boxing program.  I lived down the street from that park when I was a kid: I don't remember there being boxing there then.  It must have taken place later on.  From what I remember of the field house, Columbus has enough room to have a boxing program.

Humboldt Park is the closest one to LaFollette that has a boxing program.  I look forward to bringing fighters to their boxing show next year, as well as to Hamlin, Loyola, Seward, and any of the other parks that have boxing to where I can get the fighters.

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Annie Crow said...

Love your bulletin boards! I recognize the pages from the Gleason's women's boxing book - I have that. Need to get my hands on the Ali and Martin workout sheets. We're moving into a house soon and I'll be setting up workout space in our basement - looking for motivational flyers/images etc.