Monday, July 28, 2014

A Cool Day To Box

It's supposed to be summer, however, the sun was out, but the heat wasn't up.  I was going to turn on the fan in the gym, but the extra ventilation wasn't really needed.

Plenty of sparring action went on, with Justin, John, Nick, Melinda, Jesus, Jason, and Geniece as the participants.

Jason and Jesus's session ended quickly after Jason said "I'm having trouble breathing."  Alan told Jason he had to pace himself.

Justin and Keith were both aggressive during their sparring session.  Justin was pleased.  He said during the session, "That's what I'm talking about!  Finally!"

Melinda and Geniece went at it.  Melinda was a little hesitant in throwing her punches fully out.  Her and Geniece were hitting each other at the same time with jabs.

Later, John worked the punch mitts with Justin.  The two girls standing on the apron of the gym?  One was Justin's girlfriend.  I wasn't sure who the other girl was; perhaps a friend of Justin's girl.

John called me out -- for sparring, that is -- the next time we're in the gym.  The next time, I'll be able to use my new mouthpiece.

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