Monday, June 23, 2014

Action In A Hot Gym

Alan gives Justin water after Justin and Ben sparred.

On the way to the gym, I received a free bottle of water from a Christian group that was in the park.  They were also giving out hot dogs, but I couldn't eat that close to exercising.  I learned the group from from east Texas and they were on a mission trip.  A girl who passed by said to me, "I know you got a hot dog!"  "Nope, only the water", I replied, and the water was good and cold.

The gym was busy again.  Igor came in, as I figured he would.  Ben -- seen in the picture above wearing the white shirt -- came back after being gone for a few years.  So did Frank, who at 39 years old, is wanting to get in fighting shape.  Frank once sparred with Leon.   "Leon was surprised that I took a hit from him and didn't fall down," Frank grinned.  Frank and I talked for awhile.  He remembered me showing him how to wrap his hands when he was in the gym several years ago.

I begged off sparring.  A lot of people at my new job know that I box.  But seeing how I have to meet with potential clients soon, I didn't think it would be a good idea for me to face anyone with bruises and cuts on me.  Nayhomee laughed when I told her that.  "I usually have a hard time hitting you!" she said.  She convinced Alicia to spar with her, and they worked together for two rounds.  Alan was out on the floor getting a little of a workout in, so I monitored the sparring.  Alicia was pawing at Nayhomee, so I reminded her to throw straight punches.  Nayhomee had promised not to go hard, so she was helping Alicia, too.

In this photo, Hendy hits the "Roger" bag.  None of the other women sparred, but most of the guys were game.  I was so busy talking to Frank and others that I wasn't paying attention to everything going on when the guys were in the ring.

I don't even remember who was sparring at this point (Jesus, Ken, Nick, Ben, John, and Justin all took turns), but most of the gym was watching this one.  Colonel was giving a lot of orders during this one.  Colonel didn't train because of his shoulder; he did something to it while training with Kenny earlier in the day.

Antonio and Dominique (Professor's new girlfriend) watch some of the sparring.

Later, Alan admitted, "I didn't do much of anything in the gym."  I didn't either, and that was by design.  I'm still getting used to the schedule of my job, but eventually things will even out.

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