Monday, May 05, 2014

Sparring Cut Short For Me

I started sparring with Brandy, but I started choking, and I had to stop.  I felt like a punk.  It was a combination of something I ate earlier coming back up my esophagus and the mouthpiece moving around funny.  Sigh.  I really wanted to get at least a few rounds in.

Brandy ended up sparring with Vachel, who kept squealing.  Alan stood in the ring.  He told Vachel, "Fight back!"  Afterwards, Vachel told me, "She was all up in here," motioning how Brandy kept getting her in the face.  "Yeah, that's how she nearly won her fight at the Golden Gloves a couple of years ago," I said.

Diana sparred with Little Bit, er, Naomi.  We had the hardest time finding a headgear to fit Diana.  She has a lot of hair.  The two of them were moving around the length and width of the ring, using all of the space.

In this photo, Professor and Colonel watch while Kenny and Keith spar.

Kenny also worked with Keith on the pads.

I did a lot of shadow boxing.  It seems I move way better -- head movement, footwork -- while doing that then I do when sparring or participating in an actual match.

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