Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Keith and The Ladies

In this photo, Vachel spars with Keith.

Keith sparred with Brandy.  They had some good exchanges and worked very well together.

Keith also sparred with Geniece.  As you can see, Keith was the man of the evening when it came to working in the ring.

Nayhomee and I sparred for three rounds.  In between rounds, Alan gave her some pointers ending with something about not standing and trading punching with me because "Hillari is too big."  Jokingly, I asked "What do you mean by 'big'?"  The bell rang to start the round.  I heard Alan say, "Big in personality!"  Nayhomee is 31 years younger than me, and I wasn't fast enough to chase her around the ring.  She got some good hooks in on me, as well as some shots my middle.

I never touched any of the bags, I just shadow boxed.  Alan still had to help me out of the ring after I sparred, but my left leg is greatly improved from what it has been.  Perhaps by the beginning of summer next month, I won't feel any pain in my leg at all.

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