Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Women Sparring

I admire Alicia (shown here on the speed bag) and her dedication to becoming fit.  She never stops working from the time she comes in the gym to the time she leaves.  It's paying off, too.  I've noticed that she's lost a little more weight.  I wish I was as disciplined as she is.  I just forced myself to put up the raspberry gelato I was eating before typing this entry.  Supposedly I only ate the recommended portion which is a half-cup (one regular sized scoop).

It was another evening where attendance was sort of thin.  Igor didn't come in, which wasn't much of a surprise.  But Jason didn't show up either, which was unusual. A few of the new people didn't come in, but there was enough to have some sparring sessions.

Here, Alan gives instruction to Brandy and Stephanie (Stephanie is in the photo, but out of view).

Stephanie and Brandy were popping each other from what I saw, and judging from Vachel's reactions.

Vachel and I sparred, and she didn't do much squealing and screaming this time out.  We did three rounds.  Beforehand, Vachel asked how could she block punches.  "When I throw a jab, turn your right hand to catch it as if catching a ball, or just tap it down," I explained.  Once the bell rang, I was blocking her jabs.  But Vachel sneaked in some punches when I wasn't paying attention, and I had my hands down.  A right to my face backed me up and nearly knocked me over.  Once again, I didn't throw my overhand rights correctly, and Vachel ducked every one that I threw.

Katie and I sparred, and I quickly learned that she can throw a hard right.  I got caught with it a few times.  It was a little easy to come over Vachel's right with a jab, but Katie had a longer reach.  I had to concentrate on trying to get in on the inside, which wasn't easy either.  I backed up Katie into a corner, and Alan told her to clinch.  Instead, Katie threw a punch, I tried to move fast to avoid it (which is still not easy because of my left hip), and I fell to the canvas.  "I'm sorry!" Katie said, looking worried.  "I'm okay!" I assured her.  Brandy pointed out that I end up falling every other week that I spar, which is true.  "How can you do four rounds like that?" Katie asked me afterwards.  "After awhile, you get used to it," I answered.

Alan had to help me down the ring stairs.  I just don't trust walking down them; the stairs are slippery to me.  I usually sit down on the apron and scoot down the steps.  Several people wondered if I was okay.  "I'm an old woman," I said, but Alan came back with, "No, she won't go to the damn doctor!"  Maybe I'll bite the bullet and spend a day at Stroger Hospital.

Brandy has another skill -- she can hold the punch mitts very well.  She held the mitts for Keith.

Vachel was wondering if the attendance was always as low as it seems to be lately.  "It used to be a month would go by before people started dropping off.  Now one or two weeks go by and people start dropping out," I said.  "Well, I guess it depends on what people want to get out of boxing," Vachel said.  She was right.

There are two openings for boxing coaches in the Chicago Park District; one at Portage Park, and one at LaFollette Park.  Try, try again, people keep saying.  . . .I wonder.

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