Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Josh's Kids

I try to time my walk to the gym so that I don't run into Igor on the way, but I'm not always successful.  He passed me by, asked how I was doing, and I gave a dry "Okay", in reply.  Alan couldn't come to the gym because of a business dinner.  The last person I wanted to deal with was Igor.  Alan is sort of a buffer between Igor and myself, keeping me from totally losing it when Igor acts up.  Fortunately, Igor behaved.

Alicia, Nate, and Ozzie came in.  I asked Alicia what happened to Lilliana.  "She would have liked to keep coming in, but it's hard for her with the kids.  She's going to try and find something else for all of them to do," Alicia explained.  Edward is Lilliana's ten year old son, and she also has a younger son who is five years old.  There have been other women in the gym who had young children, and it was always the same story.  After awhile, it became too much to juggle.  It's too bad because like Alicia, Lilliana was very interested in learning how to box.

The kid in this photo is one of Josh's five year old twin boys.  Josh came in not long after Igor left, and he had the twins and his oldest son with him.  "How's your daughter?" I asked.  "She's fine.  I wanted to bring her tonight, but she didn't want to go," Josh answered.  "How do you tell the twins apart?" I asked.  "I can tell them apart," Josh grinned.

Josh took his kids into the ring and did a little boxing with them.  The oldest boy was tearing around, but the twins seemed to have a calmer nature.  The twins were content at various times to sit on the apron and watch everyone else in the gym workout.

I was looking for Andres and Professor to come in, as Andres needs to get more sparring in before his next fight at the Chicago Golden Gloves this Saturday.  They must have gone over to Seward Park instead.

My left leg felt a heck of a lot better today.  I wasn't sitting down often.  In fact, I think only sat down twice.  But I still have to use the TENS, and stretch, and use various creams and gels to work on it.  Maybe in another month or so, it'll be feeling even better.

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