Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Good "Bye" for Andres

This shot is of the Pink Line approaching at the State/Lake elevated train station.  It's a long ride out to Cicero, IL to get to the 2014 Golden Gloves.

When I got there, I immediately looked at the roster.  I've been impressed this year with how quickly the roster has been posted each day of the tournament.  Andres name was not listed.  Confused, I pulled out my cell phone, which I seldom use, and I called Alan.  "Andres not on the list," I said.  "I know.  Wait. . .are you down there?" he asked.  "Yeah, I just got here," I answered.  "I was on my way there earlier, when I got a call from Andres -- he got a bye," Alan said.  Alan had called the house to let me know, but I was long gone.

That was great news, because that means that Andres is automatically in the finals.  It also gives him extra time to train.  Alan plans to open up the gym on Saturday so Andres can get some extra work in.

I didn't stay long after Alan and I talked.  There was going to be a long ride back, and I was getting hungry.  I spoke to Geoff, Rita, and Percy, and I talked with Bill.  I told Bill that I was still nursing an injury and not sparring much.  He told me that Meg had an injury, too, something with her shoulder.  "She hasn't been training recently," Bill said.

A conversation Alan and I had the last time we were in Cicero about Burger King, prompted me to stop at the nearest one before getting back on the train.  On the way back, I was reading about a boxer named Jelena Mrdjenovich who is the current WBC featherweight champion.  She was talking about getting reading for a fight.  I thought that she probably eats correctly all the time, yet there I was, just rolling out of Burger King.  I couldn't really justify eating a Whopper Jr. simply because it was a little less calories and carbs that the regular size Whopper.  It was a still a burger.  And I had onion rings and a fruit punch pop, too.  Sigh.  Well, I was only able to have that because I received some extra cash from a job that a friend tried to hook me up with.  My friend's bosses changed their mind (long story), but they owed me money for some training time they gave me.  Luckily, I currently don't have the ability to eat out all the time right now.  But summer is coming, and with it, hopefully more opportunities to work out outside.

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