Monday, November 25, 2013

Tapping Punches

The poster in the photo above for an upcoming boxing movie, Grudge Match, was on the wall when we walked in the gym.  I don't know. . .it seems kind of odd for Sylvester Stallone to do yet another boxing story even though he's not playing the Rocky character.  Robert DeNiro did the classic film Raging Bull back in the day.  It will be interesting to see him playing another, yet older, fighter.

 John and Keith did three rounds of sparring.  The first round was defense, as Keith spent the time warding off John's incoming punches.  The second round was offense practice, and the third round was open sparring.  Keith did very well in protecting himself.

 Alan grabbed the punch shield and worked with Seth in the ring.  Afterwards, he told John and Keith,  "Seth is tired, but I don't want this guy to rest."  So John and Keith took turns sparring with Seth.

But they had to be careful. . . .Seth punches hard.  The punch shield was singing after Seth tore into it. That's probably why Alan was acting as referee in the ring, as seen in the photo above.

I sparred with John for two rounds.  During the second round, John encouraged me to throw a lot of combinations.  "I'm just going to keep tapping your hands down.  But throw as many punches as you can; some of them will get in," he said.  And they did.  We would have done a third round, but it was time for the gym to close.

Professor (standing in this photo with a hat on) told us that Seward Park was looking for a new coach.  "Again?" I asked.  Oscar just started there not too long ago.  But Professor explained that Oscar had an injury.  Alan told me, "Seward Park is looking for someone to be there all the time."  I can do that.  I believe I'll look into it this week.

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