Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Burn Outs On Monday

In this photo, Keith has John backed into a corner during their sparring session.  Kenny, who returned to the gym, was impressed with how Keith held his hands and how he delivered his punches.

"I'm out of shape," Kenny said when Alan suggested that everyone do a burn out.  "I'm 170 pounds!" Kenny continued.  Kenny did look a little full in the chest, but he can carry that weight better than I can.  For me, that weight settles around my mid-section, in my hips and backside, and loads up on my thighs.  The burn-out was done, but Teacher John begged off when Alan suggested we wait a few minutes then do it again. John was still feeling the after effects from being sick a few weeks ago.

I didn't spar -- again.  Just when I feel like I'm getting focus back, I end up having to climb out of a pit again.  "You are going through a lot of sh*&", Alan said, in reference to me being unemployed.  "You need to get that extra exercise in."  He was right, and as usual, beating non-stop on the heavy bags worked to lift my mood.

Seth, shown in the photo above, brought in a friend with him who observed the action in the gym.  Seth is quiet, but focused whenever he's at the gym.

Kenny worked with his dad, Colonel, on the pads.  Colonel is always complaining about various aches and pains, but the man is in better shape than most his age.  Staying active is the key.

Colonel had the foresight to call around about that coach's clinic that took place in Milwaukee, WI.  He asked when another one will be held in Illinois, and Colonel was told that one will be planned in the future.  "That will be awhile," I thought to myself, knowing how last-minute most clinics have happened.  Colonel didn't go to Wisconsin, which is just as well.  The people organizing these clinics have to, as my paternal grandmother used to say, "get on some time."

I was telling Alan that me having a bout this year is probably not going to happen.  My focus is still not completely there.  In another two to three weeks, the Park District boxing show season will be over until next spring.  The show fights take place throughout the year, but I've never had a fight at one of those events, so it's just a long wait until the boxing show season comes around again.

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