Thursday, October 03, 2013

No Sparring To See

Colonel and Phil both work on one of the heavy bags in this photo.  It was quiet in the gym.  Alan was out due to a meeting he had to attend for his day job, and a few people didn't show up.  Colonel's MP3 player wasn't charged up, so we had to resort to turning the radio on.

A guy named Eduardo came in to check out the gym.  He was hoping to see some sparring, but of course, none took place because Alan was away.  I answered the questions he had about how the gym is run, what equipment he would need, etc.  I let Eduardo know that he could still sign up because only about three weeks have passed since this session started.  If people show up after a month has passed, I usually suggest that they wait until the next session.  Why?  Because just about half of the session is gone, those who sign up in the middle seem to not be able to catch up, and they will have to pay the full price regardless.

I learned from Mary that a young man named Xavier sang the National Anthem before the boxing show began last Friday.  She said he did a great job, and I was glad.  Mary sent an email to the principal of Sullivan, a high school in the neighborhood, and the principal suggested Xavier.  I think it's a good idea to change up the person who sings the National Anthem each time.  I think I've done that for at least eight years; giving someone else a chance to do it is fine with me.  At many of the boxing shows, I hear kids or teens singing the song.  I think it would be a nice idea to give youths a chance to do that often.  I also agreed with Mary that if someone is available to sing that song live that is better than playing a tape or CD of the song.

Everyone was looking for the speed bag.  The best I could figure was that Barry took it down before the boxing show, locked it away, but forgot to put it back up.  Matt said, "I was just getting comfortable with it and now it's gone!"  Colonel had a bag with him, but the hardware he had to hang it up wouldn't fit on the speed bag platform.  

John asked Keith (the guy in this photo) if he planned to compete.  "Eh. . .no dreams of glory in the ring for me," he grinned.  "Keith is smarter than he looks," John laughed.  "I don't mind doing light sparring in here, but I'm too old for the rest of it," Keith said.  "How old are you?" I asked.  "I'm forty," he replied.  "That's not that old," I said.  Keith pointed out that no, 40 is not that old, but it might be for some things.  "Just might end up in a match with a nineteen year old.  People can hit them with a board and they would just keep going," John said.

Mary mentioned to me that someone was coming in to sign up for the class.  When I saw Orrest (shown here on the teardrop bag), I assumed that was to whom she was referring.  I remember Orrest said he had some fighting experience, but it had been awhile since he'd had a match.  Colonel said to him, "I detect a slight accent; where are you from?"  Orrest explained his family was from the Ukraine.  Colonel said something in Russian, a greeting, I believe, and Orrest was surprised.  Colonel explained that he learned a few languages while serving in the Army.

I had planned to add extra exercise this week, but I haven't started yet.  There's a lot going on: job interviews, still trying to resolve issues at my former job, the apartment needing to be cleaned, have to reschedule doctor's visits, etc.  I'm going to have to get on a program, however.  Whenever the clocks get turned back that will be my clue to step up my exercise game.  It's so easy to pack on the extra pounds once the time changes heading into winter.

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