Monday, August 26, 2013

Hot Day, Hot Gym

Andre mentioned that the gym where Floyd Mayweather Jr. trains stays hot.  Alan said, "The gym I trained in when I was going to college in Arizona was always 100 degrees."  Colonel said, "The temperature in here is the best temperature for training."  The fan was on, but it might as well had not been.

The number of people who showed up was small.  Andre and Louis came in again, but they had already did much of their training in the heat outside, so they didn't stay for too long.  Colonel, Kenny, Professor, and Gabriel were the other guys in the gym.

I was tired.  Many people my age and older keep complaining about not sleeping well.  It must be a middle-aged deal that hits everybody at the same time.  Shadow boxing was a challenge in the beginning, but I pushed through and it improved later on.  But I was sitting down a lot between rounds.  I limped home from work, as my left knee was very tender.  Alan asked me to ask Gabriel if he would spar with me, but my knee wasn't going to take it.

Alan took this shot of my left knee.  By the time this photo was taken, my right knee was acting up, too.

The two Kennys - father and son - worked on the punch mitts.  Kenny Jr. then worked with everyone.  "We've got to get you working more on angles," Kenny told me.  I truly need that, because I don't move enough nor at the right time.  Kenny showed me how to step out of the way of an opponent after throwing hooks and rights, then coming back with a punch before they can.

Gabriel and I thought that the Eckhart Park boxing show was this week, but it's next week.  Gabriel has to check his schedule to see if he can make it.  Gabriel works as a videographer, and there's always the possibility he might have to work.  Alan asked me if I wanted a fight there.  I've never fought at that field house which is located not far from one of my old jobs.  If there's a possibility of one, I'm game.

Here I am, wearing one of my favorite boxing themed T-shirts.  There's always a concern that I'll get blood -mine or someone else's - on one of them, but I wear them anyway.  I hear that hydrogen peroxide is good for getting blood out of fabrics.

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