Monday, July 01, 2013

Moving My Head

Franco (on the left) and Tyson sparred, but I didn't see much of the action.  This photo was taken after they were done.

I was helping Dionna, Taheerah, and Amanda during a good part of the time while I was in the gym.  Colonel saw Alan helping Dionna with how to properly throw a right cross earlier.  "How come you don't help Alan?" Colonel asked me.  "I do.  I'm always available when people have questions, and I'm happy to help out," I answered.

It was Dionna who notice the blood on the canvas after I had stepped into the ring to spar with Taheerah.  John had sparred with. . .hmm.  I think it was with Gabriel.  John's nose was bloodied up during the last round.  I handed him some paper towels after he removed his headgear.  I didn't realize that some of the blood had spilled onto the canvas.  "See?  That's why I don't want to spar," Dionna said, pointing to the red stuff.

Before Taheerah and I sparred, Tyson commented, "Oh, now we're going to see some foxy boxing!"  I hadn't heard that term in awhile.  Foxy boxing is not real boxing, but a contest between two women in a sexualized situation purely for erotic entertainment.  Women who take part in that are usually scantily dressed, and none of the guys watching those type of matches really care who wins.  Think Playboy models, for example.  It was a big deal at one point, but I don't think it completely went away.

Taheerah's headgear came off while she and I were sparring, but it wasn't because of a hit from me.  She has a lot of hair.  I remember when she used to come to the gym a couple of years ago, and the same thing would happen.  Alan quickly put her headgear back on, and the action resumed.  We were going light, but Taheerah did get me with a punch to my left jaw that made me glad that I had my mouth closed tightly.  She's in very good shape because she does other exercise outside of the gym.

I showed Taheerah some head movement techniques that I saw in a video online.  The guy in the video showed how to move in a triangle motion, and then in a circular motion.  I found it easier to move my head in the triangle; my head at the top of the triangle, then moving it down left, then down right, then across in the straight line at the bottom.  The circular motion, or bobbing and weaving as it's usually called, is good, but I never time my hooks well when coming back up.

Tony and Franco sparred again.  This time, Tony wasn't turning away as much from incoming punches.  Franco was avoiding a lot of his brother's punches by staying out of reach as much as he could.

My neck is hurting a little right now.  It could have been from punches I took from Taheerah.  It also could have been the result of me lifting two copiers at work.  I had to move an old broken one out of my office to make way for a new one that was delivered today.  The newer one is a lot heavier than the older copier.  I'm surprised my back is not hurting, too.  At least setting it up to work was easy.  Humph. . . .sometimes I get a workout at the job long before I get to the gym.

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