Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Comparing Headgear

Josh (on the right in the photo above) wanted someone to hold punch mitts for him.  It was late in the evening when he asked.  I was wore out.  On top of that, my left knee was really bothering me.  I was sitting down a lot during the last ten to fifteen minutes left in the gym.  Josh asked Sarah, and she couldn't hold mitts for him, either.  Alan pulled out the punch pad and held it for him.

Sebastian agreed to spar with both Sarah and myself.  I went first, and found out firsthand how quick Sebastian is on his feet.  His hands weren't very slow, either.  I was tagged good with a triple jab in one round, and a quick right to my mid-section in the next.  We did three rounds, but maybe I should not have sparred at all.  My left knee was still not right, and all the moving around made it worse.  I couldn't keep up with Sebastian.

It was Sarah's turn next, and she kept forcing Sebastian into the corners and up against the ropes.  "She just kept coming forward!" Sebastian said afterwards.  He did tag her a couple of time with some jabs and hooks.  But the rest of the time, she never let up on him.

Alan took a picture of Sebastian's headgear with his cell phone.  The headgear is not as padded as the ones that are available for use in the gym, nor like the one I own.  But it kind of makes up for that with a guard across the face.  "I can feel the impact of the punch, but it can't get past the guard to my face," Sebastian explained.  I pulled the headgear that Kevin left behind in my locker, and it was just about the same as the one Sebastian has.  Alan tried it on, and had me throw a straight right to his face.  He liked the headgear, but neither one of us could figure out why Kevin had left it behind.  I believe it was brand new when Kevin brought it a couple of years ago.

I told Alan I would put a heating pad on my knee when I got home.  It would be nice if I remembered where I put it.  It's amazing how things get misplaced in a small apartment, but I manage to do that all the time.  If I don't find it, which I might not because it's nearly 1:00 AM and I a) want to watch "The Jack Benny Program" and b) then go to sleep.  I think there's some Mineral Ice in the refrigerator.  That might have to do for the rest of the night.

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