Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Four Rounds, Three People

The beginning of the Spring session saw six new people in the gym.  Don't ask me their names, because I didn't catch any of them.  Maybe in the next post, I will have gotten a few or all of them.

Louis wondered, "Where are the other coaches?"  "Alan's the only coach in here," I answered, which was partially true.  Alan is the only person there who is actually employed by the Chicago Park District.  I'm a registered amateur boxing coach with USA Boxing, but I'm a volunteer at the gym.  Colonel coaches jiu jitsu and boxing, but at other gyms, and Kenny is not an official coach, but he does that job very well.

Colonel and I sparred one round, and he sparred another with Sarah.  Colonel is determined to work his way up to being able to do three rounds back-to-back again.  I suspect that back in the day, Colonel could probably do way more rounds than that.

Colonel was doing a lot of slick moves in regards to avoiding punches while sparring with both Sarah and myself.  I have to admit that was a bit lazy in the ring.  I was a little tired, and I wasn't throwing punches with a whole lot of force.  But I did pressure Colonel a little more, by backing him up into the corners, and I kept trying to use left hooks (to no avail) on Sarah.

I've gotten down to 178 pounds.  I opted to do an at-home colon test (I'm over 50 so I have to do those types of tests now), and I couldn't eat beef or pork for awhile.  The test is done, but I'm going to see how long I can continue to go without eating the heavier meats for awhile.  I'll never be a vegetarian, but since I've seen the weight loss results of cutting down on the meat and pushing the veggies and fruits more, I'm going to keep that going for awhile.

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