Thursday, April 18, 2013

Colonel, Kenny, Walter and Me

Doug works the double end bag in the picture above.  He was the only one of the newer people that was in the gym.  Leina, Ashley, Casey, Travis, and Fred were MIA.  St. Louis and Sarah were out, as well.  The rain fell heavily all day long, so that probably kept a lot of people away from the field house overall. Reygie has clients (he's a personal trainer now), so that will keep him out of the gym for awhile.

Some round robin action in the ring took place, involving myself, Walter, Colonel and Kenny.  In the photo above, Kenny watches Walter and Colonel as they spar.  Walter caught Colonel up against the ropes a few times, but the older man blocked most of the flurry of punches that Walter threw.

Kenny takes a bit of a rest at ringside in this photo.  I tried to be more aggressive when he and I sparred, but  I was hitting air most of the time as Kenny easily dodged my hands.  Both he and Alan told me that I had to try harder to get punches in: work the jab more, step in with the jab, etc.

I was more aggressive when Colonel and I sparred, but I worried.  Colonel announced "I left my inhaler at home!", and I didn't want to go very hard.  Alan said quietly before I got into the ring, "Stay on him."  I kept forcing Colonel in corners and against the ropes, but like his son, he easily slipped a lot of my punches.

Walter hung in there with both Colonel and Kenny, even though Walter's collarbone was bothering him due to an accident he'd had.  Later, he told me that a chiropractor told him he needed to rest it for several weeks.  We started talking about chiropractic care, and I realized how much I miss seeing one on a regular basis.  I always felt good after my appointments.  I could probably use one now.  

While Kenny sparred with his dad, he gave Colonel many training tips as they moved around.  I listened closely, as I do when I hear Alan giving directions to others (and when Steve was running the gym before him).  That's how I learn what works and what doesn't in regards to when I box, as well as what to look for while coaching others.

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