Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Better Way to Spend Administrative Professionals' Day

Maybe it's true about rain and arthritis.  My knees were painin' me (my paternal grandmother's expression) some bad.  But I tried to ignore the aching the best I could while doing my workout at the gym.

Emmanuel (seen here working with Vachel on the punch mitts) was happy when he came in to see the gym a little more full than it was on Monday.  "Just want to see a steady bunch of people," Emmanuel commented.  Marcus, who hadn't been in for awhile, was in attendance.  Zeina did not come in, but I think she will again.  I don't think I'll be seeing Travis, Casey or Ashley anytime soon; they probably dropped out of the class.

 There was a lot of sparring action between most of the guys.  Sebastian attempts to back off from a left from Andre in the photo above.  Sebastian appears to like to get on the ropes, then loads up to throw big punches.  Alan suggested that Sebastian stay in the middle of the ring and box.

Alan advised Emmanuel to take it easy on Nathaniel.  Nathaniel dealt Emmanuel several hooks during their sparring match up.  Emmanuel ducked and bobbed a lot.  They took the action towards the ropes at the back of ring.  Nathaniel took a body blow to his right side and went down on the canvas.  Alan got in the ring and helped Nathaniel to his feet.  "That's where Hillari gets me all the time!" Vachel told Marcus.

A lot of work with the punch mitts was done.  Here, Sebastian works with Nathaniel.  St. Louis and Emmanuel also worked on the mitts.  Emmanuel asked Vachel to pay attention how that exercise worked so she could participate in it next.

Vachel and I sparred, and I found myself backing up a lot when she pressured me with her punches.  I countered with hooks, and a few of them landed, as well as some jabs and rights.  Whenever Vachel got caught with something, she'd stop for a few moments.  "Hit back!" Alan kept saying to her, as he pointed in my direction.   We only did two rounds, but I could have done a couple more.

When Alan told Vachel and I to suit up for sparring,  she started messing with him.  "It's about time!" she said.  "You see all these guys in the gym?" Alan grinned.  "Humph. . .all the guys.  It should have been 'ladies first' so we could get it out of the way," Vachel smiled.   

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