Monday, March 18, 2013

The Ladies and Igor Too

I forgot to bring my camera down to the gym, so I'm improvising today.  The picture above is of comedy team Abbott and Costello.  I don't know if this is from their TV show or from one of their movies.  Costello (wearing the boxing glove) was a boxer for a short time before going into show business.

"Ladies night," I commented to Alan, and he nodded.  But it wasn't completely that way.  Sarah, her sister Amy, and myself were there, but Igor was in the mix, too.  Igor kept putting his mouth on the gym's water bottles, and I kept catching him doing it.  "You're not stupid, Igor.  Don't you understand?  You can't do that when everyone in here uses these bottles to get water," I said in exasperation.  I took a couple of the bottles away to wash them out.  

Sometime later, Igor points to the bottles and asks if he can get water.  "If you want water, get it.  Why are you asking me?" I said.  Alan explained to him again about not putting the opening of the water bottles in his mouth.  Igor grunted an insincere, "I'm sorry", than grumbled under his breath when I kept on him about his behavior.  But he smiled and followed Alan's directions.  Some men will ignore a woman telling them something, but will listen when a man tells them the same thing the woman just told them.

This is Eddie Murphy in a scene from the movie version of the old Bill Cosby-Robert Kulp TV series, "I Spy".  Murphy's character was involved in a boxing match in the latter part of the movie. I've always liked Murphy, but believe me, the TV show is better.

My stomach was acting up, and I had no idea why.  Everything was fine until I left the house.  With each step down the street, my stomach appeared to feel worse.  I begged off sparring with Sarah because of that.  She convinced her sister to spar with her.  Amy did well; she kept her composure very well during the last round and a half, and she got some body shots in on Sarah.  They did not spar hard, but they got in some good work with each other.  

Kenny didn't come in, and we were going to do a sparring drill where we were only going to use our left hands.  So I did the drill using one of the cylinder heavy bags, and the body snatcher bag.  I threw the jab then the left hook behind it.  My arm was a little sore because I hadn't worked it out like that in awhile.  But I need to get used to throwing the left hook more.  

This is Charles Bronson, who always played tough guys.  He appeared on TV a lot in the 1950's and early 1960's before transitioning to movies.  This photo might be from when he played a boxer on an episode of "The M Squad", a cop show that featured Lee Marvin as the lead character.

Barry texted Alan to let him know that he had a couple of his guys in the Chicago Golden Gloves.  I believe one of his guys fought as a novice, but lost.  Alan thought it might have been Nate Jr., whom I haven't seen for a long while.  Looking at the schedule, it appeared to Alan that the some of the matches would be taking place on Sundays.  "They couldn't have matches on Sundays when the Gloves were held at Gordon Tech, and especially not when the tournament was at St. Andrews.  Maybe they've scheduled those because they're at the Cicero Stadium," I told Alan.  From what I've read on Facebook, those who have already been to some of the fights aren't happy about the new location.  I'll have to see the fights there myself to give my own opinion.

I like this shot of Jackie Gleason; allegedly, it was the last portrait he did before passing away in 1987.  I saw him in person once.  He and Tom Hanks were filming the movie Nothing In Common on the street where I was living at the time.  It would be Gleason's last film.  He played a crooked fight manager in the movie version of Requiem For A Heavyweight, alongside Anthony Quinn and Mickey Rooney.

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