Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Winter In Loyola Park Gym

In the photo above, Alan teaches the new people boxing basis.  The winter session began Monday night.  The new faces are Erma, Kayla, Joe, Vachel, Ben, Arnold, Eric, and Marshall.  The returning people who came in were Sara (whom I'd knocked out during a sparring session several months ago), Reygie, Igor, and Brandy.
Kayla (in the pink) and Erma decided to run some sparring drills.  They were doing jab and catch.
Ben and Marshall, who've done MMA, decided to go for broke and spar.  In the photo above, the both of them threw jabs at each other at the same time.  

It was great to see Brandy back.  No sooner than she got inside, I overheard Alan trying to convince her to spar, as well as think about competing in the Golden Gloves again.  Brandy wants to take it easy for awhile, and just do the workout. 
Vachel (in the phot above) actually knows Sara; they've worked together.  
Joe (in the blue shirt) stepped into the ring with Reygie.  Joe got rocked a few times.  Arnold said, "I think Reygie's going to lay this guy out!"  I hoped that wouldn't happen.  Joe took the hits, shook them off, and kept going. 
I don't get to do much of a workout during the first few days of any Winter session.  Usually there'a a lot of people, and I'm helping them out. I did get to spar with Reygie. I was amazed that so many of the new people wanted to spar on the first night. 
Igor was as usual.  I happened to look around to see him doing his version of sparring with Reygie.  No headgear, no mouthpiece.  Just Igor moving around with Reygie in the ring, and slapping the younger man's hands down.  "Igor never wants to spar the correct way with gloves on," I said out loud. 
The play sparring session lasted about a round, before Reygie did real sparring with Arnold.  Arnold was worried about being knocked down, but he did fine.
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