Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Before Brooks

There was a light crowd that consisted of Bean, Amy, Franco, and Reygie in addition to Alan and myself.  "Is this like this a lot?  I like this," Bean said, referring to the open space in the gym.  "It'll be like this until January," I said.  Bean was doing good for a guy who had been hit by a car recently.  It happened due to a driver not watching traffic.  He got scraped up a bit, and his bicycle was fine. 

Franco expressed some trepidation before stepping into the ring with Reygie.  They went around for a few rounds as Alan kept reminding Franco not to close his eyes, not to turn his back, and to grab Reygie's arms to slow down the onslaught. 

Reygie and I sparred for three rounds.  During the second round, I felt nauseous for some reason, but then it went away after I pushed through it.  I turned 51 years old over the weekend; maybe that was another sign of aging or perimenopause or both.  Reygie kept reminding me to go for his body.  I tried a shoeshine (uppercuts) when I got in close, but I wasn't that successful.  However, one of my right hooks landed the right way.  That was the second time in a few days a guy told me, "I felt that one!"
Franco and Reygie went another few rounds.  Reygie was switching back and forth between orthodox and southpaw stances.  Alan told Franco to move in order to avoid the right jab while Reygie was in southpaw mode. 

Reygie has a fight this Wednesday at Brooks Park.  Andre may have a fight, but that's not a guarantee.  I was hoping for a fight, but no women were on the list of available fighters, so the fight I had with Edith weeks ago was my last one for the year. 

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