Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bean and Reygie

Reygie wondered aloud where Franco and Matt were.  "Matt said he was going to spar today!" Reygie said.  I wondered where they were, too.  The crowd at the gym was even smaller than Monday's gathering without them in attendance.

Bean sparred with Reygie, and I think that was the first time Bean sparred in the gym.  In between rounds, Bean told Alan that Reygie was too fast for him.  "I'm 55 years old, y'know?" Bean said.

Reygie was zipping and spinning all around the ring, while Bean tried to play catch-up.  "Put your jab all the way out," I told Bean.  Several times, Bean had his hands down, and Reygie took advantage of the situation.

They did two separate sparring sessions.  Reygie and I sparred in-between those sessions.  Once again, Reygie had some newer moves that I didn't have any strategies to counter act.  Alan had advised him to use a back handed punch with Bean, and Reygie did the same to me.  Sometimes, I saw it coming, and I was able to tap it down before I got caught.  During our last round, Reygie again encouraged me to go all out with my punches.  But my arms were feeling the strain, and I couldn't punch as hard as I wanted.

I received two Christmas gifts, and I appreciated them both. Reygie gave me a gift card to Burger King, a place I haven't been in awhile.  As I got into Alan's car after the gym was closed for the evening, I accidentally sat on the gift he gave me.  Fortunately, the chocolate covered almonds were not damaged by my ample backside. 

The field house is closed on Christmas Eve, so next week, I'll have to add an extra day of exercise.  Most likely I will get it by putting my apartment back together.  Plumbers had to do some work in the building, so the tenants were treated to having their possessions moved around.  Maybe it's me, but does it seem to be a law that maintenance people must just throw around tenants' property any kind of way?  There never seems to be any thoughtfulness regarding how the tenants' property is handled.  I found my clock radio in the bathtub.  Luckily, no water was dripping or I may have had to buy a new one.  A plastic bag was placed directly on top of the stove.  Regardless if the stove is on or not, it's never a good idea to set anything that is flammable on top of it.   I also have less closet space -- in an already small apartment -- because of pipes installed.  Oh, how I wish whatever problem with the plumbing had been caught several months ago when current building management first began renovating the place. That would have been better than trying to get it done around Christmas time.

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