Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Monday After Another Boxing Show

In this photo, Alan makes comments as Adam and Rich spar.  It seemed to be an exercise in frustration for Adam for a minute.  Rich caught him with a few hard shots.  "I'm trying to get punches in," I heard him tell Alan.  Alan advised the both of them to slow down.  It was a case of one throwing hard shots and the other deciding to answer with even harder shots. 

As usual, I broke my own rule regarding sparring so soon after having a fight.  Sarah and I sparred.  Earlier, Alan asked me, "Any soreness from the fight?"  "I felt very sore on Saturday, but not so much on Sunday," I answered.  I assumed I was okay to spar, but later on, I was hurting again.  I doubt that any of that damage was from Sarah because we weren't going that hard.  Amy described my fight with Edith last Friday as "a war", and it basically was.  I was still feeling residual damage from that.

Greg (in the gray shirt) and Nathaniel sparred for a few rounds. 

Matt (on the left) and Alan were having a conversation about religion in this photo, taken near the end of the evening.  Today, I told Pastor Roger about Willie praying with everyone before the fights on Friday night, and he was pleased.  "Go Willie!" Pastor grinned.  Pastor Roger probably thinks I should be witnessing to everybody at the gym and dragging them down to church.  However, I've always liked that the gym is a mix of people from different backgrounds, including different religious backgrounds.  Like John, a lawyer who used to attend the gym said, "It's like the United Nations in here!"

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