Monday, October 15, 2012

I'm Dizzy, Then I'm Buzy

I almost was on time to work this morning until I realized my latest copy of The Ring magazine was missing.  It was the second time in a couple of months that I had lost a copy of the magazine before I was finished reading.  Now I've got to go up to the store on my lunch hour and buy another copy, I grumbled before leaving the house after a fruitless search for it. 

Never do I look forward to scrubbing toilets Monday afternoons.  But I was going at a good clip until I began to mop the floor in the women's washroom.  Suddenly, I felt dizzy.  I stopped for a moment, then I continued my work.  But the off-kilter feelings kept going.  Was it the six White Castles I had for lunch (that I had no business eating)?  Pastor Roger shuddered when he saw what I was eating.  "Don't drop a match!  All the grease will catch on fire!" he said. 

I was leaning against the wall outside the men's washroom when the pastor came downstairs later with his coat on.  "I'm going to Aldi's to buy food for the food pantry, then I'm going home.  What's going on?" he said.  "I don't feel well," I said, as I moved to sit down on a nearby bench in the hallway.  I was still upright and perhaps I didn't look like I was dying, so Pastor wished me well and went on his way.  After resting a little longer, I finished cleaning the men's washroom -- the last washroom I had to do today -- and I went home.

No matter how ill I feel, I always manage to rally to go down to the gym.  The dizziness disappeared to be replaced by energy.   

Andres, seen in the picture above on his cell phone, returned to the gym.  He sparred with Rich, and from what I saw of it, they had a productive session. 

A new guy named Owen came in with a woman named Andrea (?).  She wasn't there to box, but he was.  He was a friend of Franco's.  "I detect an accent.  Where are you from?" I asked.  "I'm from England," he told me.  Colonel perked up and asked, "Did you hang in Birmingham?"  "Oh, that was the party place," Owen said.  Colonel had been in England back when he was in the service, so he and Owen talked about the culture there.

A Frenchman came in a little later, and I heard him telling Alan about his experience with kickboxing.  Alan asked me if USA Boxing sold equipment because the guy was looking for some.  "They have shirts and other clothing, but the best places to buy boxing equipment is from either Ringside or Title.  Both companies are online.  Local sporting goods stores have limited boxing equipment for sale," I explained to the guy.  "I'm surprised.  I would think that because so many box in America that the equipment would be easy to find in stores," the guy told me. 

Adam sparred with Nate as I recorded it on Adam's camera.  Adam was getting some good hits in on Nate in the first round.  Alan wiped what looked like blood from Nate's nose at one point. During the second round, Adam popped Nate with a right, I believe, and Nate went to one knee on the canvas.  Alan watched closely to see if he was okay, as Adam hovered nearby.  Another few moments went by, Nate got up, but he didn't go on with the round.  Unfortunately, the camera didn't pick up that round for some reason.  But at least Adam could see what he had done in the first round. 

Adam and I sparred for three rounds.  He had his right hand down one time, and I got in a left hook.  I was so proud of myself because that's the one punch I never seem to be able to execute properly during sparring or regular fights.  Afterwards, he and I did sparring drills which I really needed.  We practiced catching jabs and slipping punches. 

I have a fight coming up at Hamlin later this week.  Alan told me I'll be facing Edith again -- the seventeen year old.  "Bill told her to be a little more aggressive this time," Alan said, referring to Edith's coach.  "Like she wasn't aggressive the last time?" I said, and both Alan and I grinned about that.  Hopefully Rich and Adam will be able to get fights this time.  Hamlin Park's show tends to bring out a lot of people, so there could be guys with whom they can match up.

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