Monday, October 08, 2012

Columbus Day Sparring

Another Monday night, and a holiday at that.  However, the public school kids had to attend class today, and the field house was open.  On the way to the gym a guy passed by me on the street.  It was Igor.  He must live nearby, I thought.  No, I didn't say anything to him, and he didn't seem to notice whom he was walking by.

When I got inside the field house, Igor was down by the gym door.  I remained up front talking to Matt, Bean, and Franco.  Colonel, who was also at the end of the hall, announced that Alan had come in through the back door.  I happy to see that Colonel's son, Kenny, was also in attendance.  Amy came in, but Sarah did not.  Charlene, Rich, and Maria filled out the rest of the crowd. 

Kenny asked if I had any fights lately, and I told him about the one with Edith.  When I told him she was seventeen years old, Kenny stood back and said, "Hillari, you must be crazy as a
muthaf&%$#@!"  I laughed.  "It was an exhibition match, so there were no winners," I told him.  "But if they had scored it, how do you think it would have went?" he asked.  "I might have pulled it off," I answered, and Kenny grinned. 

Rich (in the orange shirt) and Franco were up first for sparring, followed by --

Kenny versus Rich.  Kenny and Colonel kept saying that Kenny was out of shape and out of practice.  Could have fooled me.  Kenny was just as quick as he always was.  That was further proven when he and I sparred.  I gave up trying to chase him, but most of my punches were thrown too far away to reach him. 

Afterwards, I got on the black heavy bag, but then I had to stop.  That delayed reaction thing I have to pain is a problem.  By that time, Franco was sparring with Rich again, so I leaned on the ropes to watch.  Alan, ever observant, watched me resting my head on my gloves.  "Are you okay?" he asked.  "I'm a little woozy, but I'll be okay," I answered.  Kenny had hit me in my forehead, twice in my left eye, and socked me in my stomach. 

Charlene and Maria were wrapping their hands near the speed bag platform.  "You were good in there," Maria said to me.  "Did that guy hit you hard?" Charlene asked.  I explained the damage I took, and both women shook their heads.  "See, that's what I'm not ready for," Charlene said, and Maria agreed. 

Kenny and his father spent a lot of time coaching others.  In the photo above, Kenny holds the pads for Bean.  "He's a good coach," Colonel (standing in the background) said, which is very true.  I tried to use what he told me earlier about slipping punches then coming around with hooks to the body.  The slipping wasn't such a problem, but catching Kenny to do the hooks wasn't easy.  He's very good at dancing away before he can get caught with something.

Alan said that Bill over at Hamlin Park would like for me to fight Edith again.  I would like that, too, and I hope this time, it's for a trophy as opposed to an exhibition match.  Alan mentioned to Amy that Sarah could get a rematch with Meg, but Sarah won't be able to go to Hamlin that evening.  I would have gone to Hamlin this past Saturday to get some sparring in, but sometimes, middle-age rolls up on me and raises a stop sign.  I spent most of the weekend in bed, feeling run down.  I didn't attend church on Sunday, and today, Pastor Roger commented, "Playing hooky again?"  "I was tired," I said truthfully.  I didn't make it to work today until the afternoon because I was still out of sorts.  I felt better when it was time to go to the gym, but I seem to always feel better by then.

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