Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Balancing On Monday

I nearly didn't make it out of the house Monday night.  I was dragging around horribly, and I was feeling way older than fifty.  Eventually, I got myself together and headed off to the gym.  I felt better after I got there.

Kenny's thumb still is in the process of hearing, but he was up and energized to work with people that night.  He sparred with Adam.  Adam came off of a successful fight he had over the weekend.  He participated in a smoker.  A smoker is a amateur boxing show usually held in places like private clubs.  I would have fought in the show, but I wasn't able to get there on time for the weigh-in.  Adam told me he saw some tough female fighters there.

Kenny would have done more rounds with others, but the bandage over his thumb came off.  "I'll take the stitches out myself when it heals up," he said.  Kenny has to be careful because that thumb can't get infected. 

Kenny had showed him how to avoid punches, and Rich looked good at doing it.  When Rich sparred with Sarah and then myself, he mostly practiced defense, while Sarah and I worked on offensive movements.  Alan pointed out that both Sarah and I have a bad habit of not giving ourselves enough room to punch when we back someone up into a corner.

Matt finally sparred as he had promised.  Kenny got in the ring with him.  Matt was a bit stiff, but then most everybody is when they first start sparring.  Alan kept telling Matt not to wait for Kenny to make a move.  Matt was hitting with both hands at the same time.  But he made it through the rounds.

Maria came in, and I was showing her how to throw uppercuts when I called into the ring to spar with Rich.  I promised that I would work with her again when she comes in on Wednesday. 

When I got home, I was feeling more energized than I was earlier, so I got on the balance board.  I have to hold on to something when I stand on it.  Once I try to balance myself, I end up slipping off of it.  If I stand on it for a few minutes every day, I should be able to master it after awhile. 

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