Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Starts Busy


The gym was hoppin', as they say, the first night of the Fall session on Monday.  The picture above is of some of the new people who came in.  Unfortunately, I didn't get every one's name, which is unusual for me.  I like to introduce myself to everyone who's new to the gym, but I didn't get the chance this time around. 

Some former gym attendees were among the new people including Nate and Matt (who used to come to the gym with his friend Cindy).  Bean, a trainer himself, joined the gym; he had been there a year before to check out the place.  He remembered me from that time.  He gave me some good tips about doing push ups.  My arms should be closer together, not straight out with the elbows going out.  "Start doing push ups on your knees first if you can't put your legs straight out," he told me. 

I was pleased to see Sasha, who had said the week before that she would be signing up.  There were a few other unfamiliar female names on the list, but they weren't there.  Renee was back, as promised.  Amy was there, but her sister Sarah had to attend a meeting at work.  Alan was trying to figure out who to pair me up with for sparring.  When Renee begged off, he tried to convince her. "Come on. . .Hillari's got a fight this week and she needs the work," Alan said, but I ended up being in the ring with Gene.

But first, Gene got in the ring with one of the new guys, who's in the above photo.  Gene had told me he was feeling nervous about Friday's boxing show.  I told him not to worry about it.  The minute rounds seem long, but they're over quickly. 

Gene was taking some hits from the new guy, and several times, Gene was in the corner having the blood wiped off of him by Alan.  Alan kept snapping at Gene to grab the other guy when he got in close.  When Gene and I were in the ring, he did grab me a couple of times, which slowed down my momentum.  I was really awkward the whole three rounds.  "Come on, Hillari!  You have to get close to him then work your shots," Alan said.  I caught him in the corner a few times, but I couldn't keep him there.  Gene darts out of those tight spots as soon as he's in them. 

Paul, Alan's boss at his day job, held pads for me before I sparred.  "The hooks are your power shots," he told me after I had thrown a few.  I got tired in the middle of the round, and it worried me.  Sometimes my stamina is very good, and other days, it's just not there.  I hope it's there on Friday.  Alan told me I won't be fighting Meg from Hamlin Park; she'll take on Sarah.  Another person is set for me, but I have no idea who it is. 


I was really happy to see Jake (on the right).  He had decided to take a summer break from boxing.  Alan joked with him about taking a fight on Friday.  Jake plans to attend the show.

Rich (on the left) was yet another new person who decided they wanted to spar that night.  He and Jake mixed it up.  I thought they were evenly matched. 

A lot of the new people took interest in the sparring that was going on.  It's unsure how many of them will want to spar.  I'll learn more as the session goes on.

There wasn't a lot of room to move around in the gym because of all the people. 

 When Bean came in last year to look at the gym, he saw only two or three people.  "I thought that was nice, it'll be a lot of room to work out," he told Alan.  Bean had come around near the end of a session, which was why he found the gym like that.  He was surprised at all the people in the gym this time.  Unfortunately, as per gym history, it'll probably thin out in a few weeks.

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