Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ladies' Time on Wednesday

Had to put another picture up of Olympic boxing gold medalist Claressa Shields.  I keep seeing Gabby Douglas, the gymnast who won Olympic gold, popping up on magazine covers and on news programs.  But the press about Claressa Shields, as well as Marlen Esparza who won a bronze medal in boxing, seems to be scant.  I know that one reason for that is the emphasis has been put on how none of the male boxers of Team USA came home with medals, and there is high criticism aimed at AIBA and USA Boxing.  But Shields and Esparza should still be getting their props for the great job they did.

I ran into Matthieu on the way to the gym.  His ankle is fine, but his right hip is acting up.  Matthieu plays a lot of soccer.  Unfortunately, he can't come to the gym as much because he travels a lot for his work.  I encouraged him to come to the gym sometime during this long break period we've having before the Fall session begins. 

Wednesday night marked the return of Sarah, who arrived with her sister Amy.  Sarah and I sparred for four rounds, but we went very light.  Alan suggested that since we weren't going all out like we usually do, it would a good time to practice technique.  Sarah practiced catching jabs and responding with her right.  I practiced head movement, left hooks, and tapping down incoming rights. 

I overheard Igor telling Alan he would spar on Monday.  Like the Chief would do on "Get Smart" when Maxwell Smart said something really dumb, I rolled my eyes.  Before I stepped in the ring with Sarah, Alan told me, "Igor may be ready for you on Monday," to which I responded, "Good!"  Alan gave me a knowing grin. Apparently he'd read previous blog posts where I stated I would like nothing better but to get Igor into a sparring session.  I know that's mean of me. But Igor made similar promises when Steve was the coach and never followed through.  When Igor left early that evening like he always does, Alan was the only male left in the gym.

Sarah mentioned that she had run into Brandy recently.  Brandy is thinking that she should return to Loyola Park, but she doesn't want to do another match.  Both Sarah and I remembered how bruised up Brandy was after her fight at the Golden Gloves Tournament earlier this year.  Alan said, "People often get banged up more during sparring than they do during matches," which is true.  But I can understand Brandy not wanting to willingly take bumps and bruises again.  Sometimes, I wonder why, at my age, that I'm always game to get jacked up.

Alan brought in a 25 pound kettlebell, and he worked out with it.  I did a few cleans and snatches with it.  It was heavier than the ones I have at home, but I was able to lift it above my head.  But then I did a few squats with it, pulling some muscles that I hadn't used in awhile.  I made a note to see if I had any Icy Hot, Ben Gay, or Epsom salts at home later on. 

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