Monday, July 09, 2012

Where Is Triumph When I Need Him?

Yesterday, I spent a very pleasant day with my stepmother and my niece, Jalissa.  Then Monday came around again.

You know that feeling when you realize the whole day has just been shot to hell, and there's no saving it?  That moment happened around 11:00 AM.  But let me back up to around 8:30 AM when I knocked on the side of a departing CTA bus that was pulling off.  The smart ass bus driver says to me that I can't be "sashaying", and that I needed to step up.  "Uh, you need to look out of the side window to see if anybody is running to catch the bus before pulling off," I snapped before adding some other choice words for his ears to hear.  The driver just had to be heard, so he popped off something else.  "Whatever (expleted deleted)", I grumbled at the driver before grabbing a seat.

While at work sometime later, I copy statement about bashing exes who want to be friends after ending a relationship or marriage from a Facebook page to my Facebook page.  There was a curse word in the message that rhymes with "cluck".  Before I posted it to my page, as a public service, I alerted people to the word.  "Pardon the 'French', but this is a true statement," I typed.  Pastor comes into my office, "You used the church computer to put something up on Facebook with profane language."  I apologized, but I also thought, "I put it on my page, but people have the option to delete it if they don't want to see it on theirs."  

"Don't make me have to take action," he says.  Now I was already ticked off from the earlier encounter with one man that morning, and there I was, in conflict with yet another one.  I could have used the help of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog today.  "But the statement in the post is true," I said, as Pastor got up to leave the office.  "Don't push it, Hillari," he says.  "I'm just sayin'," I retorted. Am I supposed to be intimidated or impressed, because I'm neither at this moment," I sarcastically thought.  That was the 11:00 AM moment.  I never so happy to clean washrooms in the afternoon in my life.  A lot of times, when I get pissed off, I get quiet.  I kept busy cleaning, and basically said nothing to Pastor until it was time for me to leave. 

Fortunately, I'm able to go to a gym where there are heavy bags to beat on, and regular sparring. 

I didn't realize that DJ was taller than I until tonight.  I started out going light then I caught her with a right hook that stopped her for a minute.  "Easy!" Alan warned from the sidelines.  "Are you okay?" I said, genuinely worried that I might had seriously hurt her.  DJ shook it off and continued on.  Alan told her, "Now you have to get Hillari back for that," and I agreed.  DJ caught me in the jaw with a good right that backed me up. 

DJ and I went for two rounds.  Prior to that, I sparred with Sara.  When she arrived at the gym, Alan smiled and gave her a high five.  Tommy had bet Alan that Sara wouldn't return to the gym before the end of July.  So now Tommy owes Alan some Corona.

I kept coming in with flurries of punches.  Alan told Sara to grab me when I got in too close.  I kept pressing in to give Sara the chance to do that, and she did a couple of times. 

Sara's quite game.  She hung in there for a couple of rounds, and she got some good jabs in on me.  My practicing with the Maize ball has been helping; I was slipping some of both DJ and Sara's punches.

Andres and Alex had a very good sparring session; they usually do.  I saw Andres get a sharp right hook on Alex's side.  Then Alex got off a lot of clean, short punches on Andres.  Alex often gets backed into the corners by Andres, but he spins out of them fast. 

Jason (in the red shirt in the photo below) sparred for a couple with Andres.  Jason was a little hesitant with throwing punches, but he stayed in with Andres. 

At the end of the evening, Alan asked me where in the world did my power hand come from.  Marcus had commented on the hook I threw at DJ, too.  "Somebody tick you off today?" Alan asked.  "Yeah, a CTA bus driver and the pastor of my church," I answered.  "So you took it out on DJ and Sara," Alan smiled, and Marcus, Andres and Alex laughed.  I had no intention of hurting them, believe me.  In fact, I hit the black heavy bag harder.  As I've said before, a heavy bag is a pissed off woman's best friend.

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