Monday, July 23, 2012

Sparring Between Husband and Wife

In the photo above, DJ (in the blue) squares off against her husband, Jason.  Before the gym door opened, Jason had just been telling Andy how Alan talked him into sparring last week.  Jason hadn't been keen on doing it that day, but Alan convinced him otherwise.  "That's Alan for you," Andy chuckled.  "He loves boxing." 

Alan talked DJ into getting into the ring with Jason, even though both were a little reluctant about it.  Those of us who were watching from behind the ropes were making jokes.  Somebody said something to Jason about, "that's the last time you'll tell her that dress doesn't look good on her!" 

DJ popped her husband good with some rights and lefts.  Then Jason fired back with some shots that caught his wife in her head. 

I was going "ooh!" every time she connected with something on him.  "Get him!" I called out.  Then Jason hit DJ harder, and she stopped to collect herself.  "Come on, DJ!  You've got thirty seconds left on the clock," Alan said. 

Jason caught her again, and she stopped.  He looked very concerned, and he asked if she was okay.  She shook her head yes.  They finished the round out, and that was it.  After they stepped out of the ring, they hugged each other near the lockers.  "Girl, you've got a good right!" Jason told DJ. 

Jason also sparred with Gene, and it was a fairly good match up.  Jason is new to the game, and Gene is trying to get back into it.  They worked together well as they practiced technique.

Alan said to me, "Don't tell my doctor," as he put on gloves and headgear.  "I'll just tell Riva," I said, referring to his wife.  Andy was already suited up and waiting in the ring when he saw than Alan was going in with him.  "Aw, hell no!" Andy said.  "You have to watch Alan," I told Andy.  "People just give me a bad rep," the coach said.  "Uh-huh," I commented.  Andy was still fighting off a summer cold, so they didn't spar for long.

Alan kept throwing short punches (all of which connected) and dancing around while I sparred with him.  He was too far away most of the time when I threw punches; I didn't time any of them right.  Maybe I shouldn't have sparred.  Both of my feet were bothering me earlier.  My feet felt better by the time I got to the gym, but my right knee felt swollen, and I was feeling sore everywhere else.  I couldn't move very well.  Alan backed me into one of the corners near the end of the round, hit me with a right, and I fell to the canvas. 

Gene, who jumped into the ring after that round ended, helped me up.  He and I sparred for a round, but I was not at my best. 

Alan had also got me with a punch that landed below my nose and above my upper lip."I didn't hit you that hard," Alan protested.  I put my hands on my hips and stared at him.  "It was enough to knock me down!" I said.    He repeated it again as he dropped me off at my apartment later.  I wasn't knocked out, just knocked down.  "Well, my knee was bothering me, and I was tired," I had to admit. It just wasn't my night. 

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