Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Working At Church and At The Gym

Monday was the beginning of me working full time at church temporarily -- being the secretary part of the time and being the custodian part of the time.  On Mondays, the washrooms and the kitchen get cleaned.  The kitchen was easy; just wiping off a counter, sweeping and mopping the floor.  The three washrooms on the lower level were a challenge.  I was seriously stiff and sore after bending over to scrub inside and outside toilets, standing on tip toe to clean mirrors, scouring sinks, and pushing a heavy mop around. 

The custodial job seemed easier to do when I was doing it back in 2008.  That was probably because I was younger than I am now, and menopause hadn't set in yet.  But somebody has to do it.  I figured it was easier for me to step in than to scramble to find others to cover until a new custodian was hired. 

I thought that I might not spar Monday evening because my lower back was stiff and both of my knees were creaking.  But DJ wanted to get into the ring for her first time.  "You'll go easy on me, right?" she asked.  I promised I would, and I did.  We did two rounds.

Then it was time for people to take turns with Big Andre (formerly referred to as Andre Two).  Alex (in the red shirt), a young man who's currently a marketing major at Ohio State, stepped in the ring with Big Andre.  Alex was quick, and Alan told Big Andre to slow him down with body shots.  Big Andre got Alex with several flurries to the face. 

Alex got in the ring again with him after Big Andre and I did two rounds.  I managed to get him in the head with a left hook.  "What a lucky punch!" I thought to myself.  It felt so natural and easy, but I couldn't duplicate it again.  I attempted to "go up the middle" with him too, but Big Andre's elbows made that nearly impossible. 

Andy (on the left in the photo above) hung in there with Big Andre for a round.  Andy's a southpaw; Alan kept telling him to not drop his right hand.

Jacob (on the left in the purple shirt in the photo above) took DJ's lead and decided to spar, too.  He did a round with Big Andre.

Big Andre's fight is this Friday.  I may not be able to go, although I would like to see it.  It depends on how worn out I am from work by the end of this week.  I just realized that the schedule Pastor Roger gave me didn't allow for lunch hours, so I have to re-configure it before he comes back from his vacation and discuss it with him again. 

Alan reminded Big Andre that he needs to stop smoking.  "You have to save your lungs," I told him, remembering how a love of cigars did a number on my late dad's lungs. 

I was standing behind Alan and Paul at ringside, watching one of the sparring sessions.  Paul, ever the joker, said something to Alan about, "Want a piece of that?" while pointing to me.  Alan looked at me and said, "That?  No way!"  We all laughed.  Before I went in the ring with Big Andre, Paul said to me, "Kill him!"  Alan said to me, "Get him."  I get the impression they think I'm a rough chick in the ring.  I don't think I am most of the time.  I just try to hard to get in where I can fit in.

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