Saturday, June 02, 2012

Knocked Out By RCN and a Stuffy Nose

Patrick (right in the photo above) decided to do some sparring Wednesday evening.  Alan put him in with Andre Two (on the left).

Patrick was a little stiff; Alan kept telling him to loosen up.  Andre threw his punches, and bobbed and weaved, but he did not go hard on Patrick. 

Andre Two and Andre One sparred for a few.  Andre One was bragging about how he was able to avoid most of Andre Two's punches.  Andre One does have his size and quickness on his side.

I sparred with Andre Two as well.  Alan wanted to give him as much work as possible that evening.  Sam, a promoter, has a show fight coming up this month, and fighters are needed.  Alan called Sam to tell him whom he had available.  I knew that Andre Two is 260 pounds.  I did not know that he's also 20 years old.  "He's thirty years younger than me!" I thought in surprise.  There were no fights available for me at the show fight.  It's not only because I'm middle-aged and female.  It's also because there's not many fighters who are as short as I am.

Art appeared to use more martial arts moves than boxing one when he sparred with Andre Two.  Alan wanted him to put on a pair of sparring gloves before he stepped in the ring.  "I can't wear those," Art said.  He already had a pair of bag gloves on.  Alan tried to convince him to put on the sparring gloves, but I think Art didn't want to put his hands in a pair of "community use" gloves.  I didn't blame him.  I especially hate putting my hands in a pair of sweaty sparring gloves that someone just used.  But until I buy my own pair, I have to put up with it.

I wasn't feeling well Wednesday afternoon.  I told Aaron, the church custodian, that I had taken acting lessons years ago.  Pastor made a joke about having appeared in films, too -- home movies -- and I wasn't amused.  A loss of a sense of humor is a sure sign I'm under the weather.  I shouldn't have gone to the gym, but boxing is an addiction, so I showed up.  On Thursday, my sinuses were blocked, and I was in pain.  None of the pain was due to me sparring the night before.  I stayed at home both Thursday and Friday.  To add insult to injury, the Internet was down at home.  A friendly RCN customer service rep told me a tech can't get to me until Monday.  So this entry has been typed on a computer at work today.  I came in to work to make up for missing time from being sick.  I'm still not 100 percent.  I hate catching colds this time of year.

Thinking about the Chicago Park District's boxing tournament schedule, which begins next month, several people could get matches.  Andre One and Andre Two could, as well as Jake.  I've always thought that Sarah should try for a match, and if Brandy returns to the gym, she should get in on the action as well.  I hope Ray can get matches, but that depends on his work schedule.  I may get one this year, but that probably won't be until September when Loyola Park's boxing show takes place.

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