Monday, May 21, 2012

Smart Women Boxing Training

Earlier in the day, Pastor Roger told me that their had been a fire in the field house at Indian Boundary Park.  The roof collapsed during the fire.  I learned later that the programs that are held there will most likely be shifted over to the field house at Warren Park for awhile.  I'm guessing Warren Park is a better spot because they are closer to Indian Boundary than Loyola Park and Willie White (the field house on Howard Street).

I was the only woman in the gym tonight as neither Sarah nor her sister Amy came in.  The other women signed up for the spring session, including Melinda, didn't come in either.  It was just me and Jake, Andre One, Andre Two, Ray, Art and Alan. 

Alan changed into his workout clothes, but admitted he didn't want to spar.  He probably would have sparred with Andre Two.  "I don't want to take the abuse," he grinned.  I was dead tired immediately after work.  I slogged home, then fell into a deep sleep for a minute.  I believe that may have a result of the effects of the allergy medicine I took this morning.  I had to shake myself out of it.  If I had laid down (I was sitting when I fell asleep), I might have overslept and missed going to the gym.  I was still a bit groggy, as well as stiff and sore when I got there.  I begged off sparring with Andre One.

Ray and Andre Two were the only people who sparred.  Alan observed the both of them and said, "They are matched up well because they are about the same size."  It was true.  Ray and Andre Two are heavyweights.  Ray was giving Andre Two pointers throughout their sparring session, and Andre Two was listening.  Ray told him that he would work with him again on Wednesday.

This past Saturday, I was outside talking to Patrick who lives near me.  Patrick doesn't always come to the gym, but he is an interesting guy who done a lot of international traveling.  I met his wife, Meg, who is well-traveled, too.  She's a grade school teacher, and Patrick is planning to teach, too.  As we were talking, Brandy came by, walking her adorable dog named Biscuit.  She said she plans to come back to the gym eventually, but there's still a lot of work she and her boyfriend have to do on their new condo.

Now to finally say something that ties in with the title of this entry.  My web site, is up.  I still have to add more content, but there's a lot up there right now.  I also have a Facebook page that ties into the web site called Smart Women Boxing Training. Both the web site and the Facebook page give out boxing tips and explain the sport to women who may want to take it up.   Check both out when you get the chance and don't hesitate to give me feedback. 

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