Thursday, December 09, 2010

Gidget v. Goliath In The Ring

It was a good birthday; usually the better ones I have are because I planned nothing.  The only thing that was on the menu was the fight I was going to have at Brooks Park Wednesday evening.  That didn't happen, so I just let the day flow.

When I got to the gym, I was the only there for awhile  Alan had to attend a sales meeting at his day job, so he was very late in arriving.  Before he got there, Leon came in.  If I remember correctly, Leon is signed up for the gym, but he doesn't come in often.  Alan showed up right after Leon did, and Danny came in a little later.  Alan said, "You can move around with Leon in the ring."  Remember, this is the same Leon who is six foot six, and well over 250 pounds.  This is the same Leon who broke Deo's eye socket during an ill-fated sparring match over a year ago.  But being the reckless middle-aged person that I am, I suited up and stepped into the ring anyway.

Leon did not hit me as hard as he could have.  That was a blessing, believe me.  I'm extremely sure that none of the punches that I landed on him affected him in the least.  Leon had more energy than I, because he was constantly moving, bobbing and weaving.  We went three rounds, and I was wore out.  "Next time, you can go four rounds," Alan told me.  "I used to do five rounds when I first started coming here.  But that was ten years ago," I said. 

After the sparring match, I worked on the heavy bags.  I had to push myself, as I felt my energy draining away.  I kept sitting down in-between matches.  "Are you done?" Alan asked.  "No, I'm just sitting down," I answered.  Usually I'm throwing punches up until the last round of the night, but during the last few minutes, I opted to stretch out instead. 

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