Friday, December 03, 2010

Boxing With a Stuffy Nose and a Cough

Perhaps Alan was right.  I should have stayed home from the boxing gym on Wednesday night.  "If I get sick from you, I'm going to be angry," he joked -- I think.  A cold sneaked up on me Tuesday morning, and knocked me out by nightfall.  I didn't go to work at church Wednesday morning. 

I don't like leaving my gear down at Loyola Park over the weekend, and my hand wraps need a good washing.  Despite feeling like warmed over death, I crawled up to the gym in the cold.  My intent was to get my bag and go back home.  But no.  Boxers can't resist the lure of the gym.  As proof, Alan was hitting the bags even though he was still wearing his suit from work.  I opted not to spar, but I broke a sweat on the bags.

Danny, Eric and Professor were in the gym.  The latter two guys sparred, and Eric caught Professor in the face with a shot.  Professor can take a punch, because he remained on his feet.  I caught all the action using the camera on Professor's cell phone.

Michael, a tall guy with glasses who hadn't been in the gym in a year, came in.  "I thought today was the first day of the new session," he told me.  Actually, it was the last day of the fall session.  Michael signed up for the Winter session at Alan's prompting.  We both told him and everybody else that the gym would remain open during the "limbo" three week period until the new session starts in early January.  An ideal occurred to me: the three weeks could be promoted as a time for adults to come try out the gym before committing to a session.  Of course, they would still have to sign a waiver form.  But it would be a good idea, especially for those who are new to boxing, to get a feel for what the sport is. 

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