Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another Wednesday

Alan had to attend a coaches' meeting last night.  Eric, Michael, and Leon came in, as well as Josh, who showed up at five minutes to nine.  Josh said he signed up for the winter session, which is a good thing.  The few minutes that he's usually there to work out is not enough to get the full experience. 

Unfortunately, none of the staff had the key to the main boxing gym door, so we had to go through the basketball gym.  Several kids tried to get past Rob, who blocked their way into the gym.  "You can look at it, but you can't go inside," he told them.  Later, the most persistent of the ones who were bugging Rob tried to gain entrance again.  I've been patient with most of the kids who come around lately, but last night, I wasn't in an accommodating mood.  "Did you pay to be in here?" I asked, annoyed that the kid had interrupted me while I was shadow boxing.  "No.  I can't work on the speed bag?" the kid asked.  I caught myself before I really said something rude.  Instead,I came back with, "Did you pay to be in here?  Well, then you can't.  Those are not my rules; those are the rules of the park district."  The kid backed out of the doorway.

Earlier in the day, Pastor, Ken and myself stopped at Home Depot after lunch to get salt to put down on the walks around church.  I saw JJ, who works there, and we talked for a few minutes.  It was very good to see him.  He's planning on turning pro in February.  He'll let people know when that match takes place.

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