Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sparring With Kevin

As the march towards the holidays continue, the attendance in the gym goes down.  Only Kevin, Danny and I were in the gym in addition to Alan. 

Kevin and I sparred.  He has to be at least six foot one.  He kept me off of him with his long arms. Kevin also displayed a lot of fancy footwork.  He danced away, and I tired myself out chasing him around.  I got in some head shots, body shots, and a near low-blow, but Kevin didn't have a hard time slipping most of the other punches I threw.  Afterward, Kevin and I did a burn out on one of the heavy bags. 

Right now, my back feels stiff.  I don't have the best bed at home; eventually, it'll have to be replaced.  Also I was reaching and missing a lot of shots against Kevin.  That wastes a lot of energy, and also, it can be a bit of a strain on one's muscles.

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